painting my latest drawing. some redheads from disney  ❤ I will try to finish it by early January

The Fashion of Disney- Merida by basicallyrapunzel


"Out of all the characters, Merida is my hero. She reminds me every day that I am even though I am single, I am young and have time. I am strong enough to be my own hero and I will find my love in my own time. I don’t need to rush into a relationship, I just need patience and soon enough, my “prince” will be here. And until then and even after, I will “let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen firing arrows into the sunset.”"


21 Day Pixar Heroines Challenge

Day 19: A scene featuring a heroine that makes you cry


"Wee devils, more like." by mickears on Flickr.


I heard there was this Female Four thing going around as opposed to adding Frozen to the Big Four, and I kind of want to hop onto that bandwagon. 

Touch the Sky… by basicallyrapunzel


can not make me!

Princess Merida.

I think she looks very pretty in this picture. Very angry. Beautiful! *-*